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Shrubs, Trees, and Dwarf Conifers

While dreaming of what your yard could be, come out to Briggsville Gardens and let us help you create that vision of your yard. You can choose from a variety of trees and shrubs to fit your style. Just remember, there are four seasons to create color for, and spring is a great time to start.

Sculptured Trees

Walk through the wonderous paths at Briggsville Gardens to find yourself in awe by the creativity of sculptured trees These 3-tiered, spiral, or pom pom trees are available in Junipers or Alberta spruce. This will indeed add character, depth, and uniqueness to your yard.

Exotic Sculptured Garden Creatures

When you think your garden is complete you find yourself staring at these Emerald Green Arborvitaes shaped as deer, flowers, stars, hearts, palm trees, cacti, and stars with moons, and you wonder where these will fit in your garden. These charismatic creatures not only watch over your garden, but add living artistic character to it.