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Our Water Garden


Our Friendly Fish

You may find yourself feeding some of our friend 12'' koi or 6'' gold fish, while picking out your very own pond fish. Yes, we do have fish for sale! You can choose from koi, butterfly koi, shubunkins, sarasa comets, red cap and orandas. Create a perfect pond with our various water plants: water lettuce, mini cattails, water iris, water lilies and more.


Water Art & Accessories

Overlooking a miniature water garden, these cranes provide an exotic atmosphere for Briggsville Gardens. If you do not have room for an in-ground pond come to Briggsville Gardens and creatue your own pond, pot garden. Yes, you can bring your pond to your patio now and flourish it with fish and water plants from Briggsville Gardens.


Water Plants

Water gardening is becoming the new trend. Come to Briggsville Gardens and see an entire greenhouse dedicated for water gardens. Fill your new water garden or water pot with luscious green water plants. We carry water lettuce, mini cattails, water irises, water lilies, water lotus, marsh marigolds, and more. Everything you need to maintain and create a water garden is at Briggsville Gardens.